Not the knees of my youth

Nearly a week after writing last week’s post, I discovered I hadn’t pressed the “publish” button. I’ll blame aging — now a convenient excuse for almost anything.

It also explains why I’m here again, in short order, trying to stay reasonably close to my every-Wednesday Chronicles intention. But also to say that I’ll skip next week’s because we’ll be away again. In Paraguay!

A couple of posts ago I wrote about missing my siblings. I’m not the only one. Husband H. is the youngest of ten and his remaining five siblings all live in the Chaco, Paraguay. The brother next in age celebrates his 50th wedding anniversary next week and another brother reminded by phone that everyone there is getting older and wondered when we would visit.

So, we decided we would. But we didn’t give ourselves much time to prepare. Since it’ll be hot and there’s a fest to attend, a summer dress was a first quick priority. I recorded in my journal how that day went, cartoon style as inspired by Carrie Snyder (though she can draw). To summarize: current dresses in stores too short, current knees on me too wrinkled.

When I muttered aloud what the mirror kept telling me, a young salesperson replied that all knees are like that. Nope, I thought, these are definitely not the knees of my youth!



5 thoughts on “Not the knees of my youth

  1. Not just a trip, a huge trip! The Chaco has had a permanent place in my imagination ever since I first heard about the Mennonites there back when I was in high school in the 1950s. Now I have a friend who is intimately connected to that place. How exciting!

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  2. Just read your long ago post & loved the wrinkled knees theme in relation to what you look for when shopping. I’d go for the mid-calf length for sure. Also, the phrase “bees’ knees” came to mind & I wondered what they looked like in comparison to mine! Cheers, Leona


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