On the road

I’m currently on the road with my beloved H., somewhere between Saskatoon and Red Deer. Last night we slept at my sister Linda’s, tonight it will be at my brother Victor’s. I have siblings scattered across the prairies, which is rather handy for road tripping. Fortunately we get along, and they are all hospitable.

The reason for being on the road is that I launched my new book All That Belongs in Winnipeg last Saturday evening, and now, on the homeward journey, in addition to visiting some of the siblings and my mother, who is resident in the Mennonite Nursing Home in Rosthern, I’m doing several other, smaller events related to the book.

It’s both energizing and tiring, an extending outward for an introverted 69-year-old like me. And I’m realizing again the power of gratitude as a strengthening force. Gratitude that’s deliberate.

Rather than speak in further detail about these two weeks, I’ll just mentions that I’ve been keeping a diary of the road trip at my main site (www.doradueck.com) if anyone’s interested. Writing the (public) diary is also an extending, but I’m making it part of this venture, this interlude, and before I know it, I’ll be home again, resting and semi-private. 🙂